Message from the Principal

As the majority of Year 11 are entering their final week of formal examinations, I know they have been struck by just how quickly the last 12 months have passed. The same will be true for our current Year 10, who on Monday 10th June begin their final PPE’s before entering the last few months of their time at St. Peter’s.

As parents/carers you will wish to do all you can during their last academic year to support them and help them to reach their potential. With this is in mind, can I thank all those who have already booked appointments for parent/carer evening taking place this Thursday.

For those who have not, the evening presents a final opportunity, this academic year not only to meet with your child’s teachers but also to view their work, discuss setting arrangements for Year 11, order revision guides, review key dates for the next 12 months etc... There is still time to book your appointments via our website or directly  

For those parents/carers who are unable to attend please make appointments via the link provided, for your child to meet directly with their teachers and to attend this vitally important evening.  

I am also looking forward to seeing and congratulating the parents/carers of our recently appointed prefect team, who will continue to develop our ethos of student leadership at St Peter’s.

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