Health and Social Care

This course is for students from Year 10 onwards. Health and Social Care offers students a chance to investigate a variety of topics:

  • Unit 1: Human lifespan development. This unit is a core externally assessed unit. The unit allows students to explore how we grow and develop throughout our lives focussing on physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. The exam is one hour in length and out of 50 marks.


  • Unit 2: Health and Social Care values. Internally assessed. The unit focuses on how care values are applied in health and social care settings, by understanding  ways to ‘promote choice’ and ‘individual needs’


  • Unit 3: Effective Communication in Health and Social care. Internally assessed. The unit allows students to investigate different forms of communication and how they are used effectively in health and social care.


  • Unit 6: The impact of nutrition on Health and well-being. Internally assessed. The unit allows students to understand a balanced diet and the effect of an unbalanced. It focusses on medical conditions and the need for health and social care settings to effectively support individual needs.

Career progression

Progression to level 3 vocational qualifications

Apprenticeships within the health and social care sectors 

Career Opportunities

Completion of the Health and Social Care course can result in a career working with both adults and children. It supports progression into a career in the medical profession such as a nurse, dentist, psychiatrist, managers of health and social care settings for example, nurseries and care homes.