Computing at KS3

KS3 Computing

"Our hope this that by following the Key Stage 3 Computing curriculum, the pupil's enthusiasm is piqued and they become interested in continuing the Computing curriculum in to Key Stage 4".

Year 7

Pupils in Year 7 follow a variety of units all aimed at introducing new skills and then embedding these skills, so they are comfortable with the use of them and can demonstrate how these skills can be utilised in everyday life.

In Year 7 we feel that it is important that pupils learn about how to safely use the Computing resources available to them.  We introduce them to our system and teach them about E-Safety including social media.

Pupils then study a variety of units including Graphics, Web Design, Scratch Game Design, Python Programming, Robotics (using Lego Mindstorms), Basic Microsoft skills and 3D building design.

Each unit is assessed with an end of unit task after the software skills have been taught and practiced.

Year 8

Pupils in Year 8 study a selection of Computing topics. Their year begins with further skills in Website design. Followed by a unit about how we communicate in the 21st Century, focusing on WIFI. Pupils learn about the basics of computing focusing on Binary, Hardware and how computers work. 

In Year 8 we also study Kodu Game Design and the basics of creating a game. Year 8 also get the chance to create their own Apps for use on Android tablets and mobile phones. Pupils also receive a refresh in E-Safety to ensure they are using Computers appropriately.

Finally pupils complete a unit about animation in Flash. Each unit is assessed with an end of unit task or throughout the skills lessons.

Year 9

During this year, we focus on more advanced computing and programming languages and very much focus on how these skills can be utilised in the real world and can be developed so that pupils can live in a technology rich world.

Pupils start Year 9 looking at Game Design in GameMaker including elements like sprites and objects and how to program these. Pupils also look into how computers are connected together through the WWW and Networks within companies or schools. Year 9 then look at advanced Python skills and web design using code such as HTML. Year 9 then get the chance to develop Mobile Apps from their design.

Finally, in Year 9 look in the world of employment and how Computing and ICT are used in business today.