Business and Communication Systems

The course we study is GCSE Business and Communication Systems (AQA) Course Specification Code 4130

Why study Business and Communication Systems?

In addition to helping students acquire subject knowledge:

  • provides an understanding of the business world and how communication systems are used
  • encourages students to consider the practical application of business concepts
  • explores the theories and concepts in the context of events in the business, communications and ecommerce world

Course content during Y10 will involve studying:

Health and safety in the workplace, Applications software (including word processing, desktop publishing, graphics), Communication, Human Resources, The working environment, The Internet and ecommerce.

Course content during Y11 will involve studying:

Applications software (including spreadsheets, databases, Web authoring) Stakeholders, Business aims and objectives, Communication, Workplace organisation, ICT Data Systems, Security of Data and Databases.

Assessment and grading:

Unit 8 ICT Systems in Business

Written Paper (1 hour) 60 marks/40%

Unit 9 ICT Using ICT in Business

Practical Exam Paper (1 hour 30 minutes) 60 marks/35%

Unit 10 Investigating ICT in Business

Controlled Assessment (1 hour 30 minutes) 40 marks/25%

Further vocational and academic qualifications:

provides progression for students wishing to continue their studies to A level Business Studies, A Level Economics, A level Applied Business and the Diploma.

Career opportunities:

Career opportunities include; accountancy, advertising, banking (retail, investment and commercial), retail and industrial purchasing, administration, many management roles in every sector, insurance, consultancy, sales and market research, sport and leisure, pharmaceuticals, public relations, recruitment, retail and IT.