Computer Science

Most careers you observe there is one commonality; there is most likely a COMPUTER involved. Computer Science not only teaches students aspects of a computer, but it also teaches our students a new method of thinking. Computational thinking is getting the kids to think more logically and in steps. This will not only help students think in Maths and Computing but as well in any subject or task that the students come across.

St. Peter’s C of E Academy offers computing in Key Stage 3.  Within computing, we look at a few different units.

In Year 7, we start off with Internet Safety; with the rise of cyber-bullying and internet issues we feel that it is crucial that our students are protected. We then look at Scratch on the computer. This is an introduction to block coding where the students focus more on the computational (logical) thinking. Scratch is an excellent interactive software where the students receive instant feedback on their production. From Scratch we move onto LEGO, where we take our skills that we learned from Scratch and put this to practice with our class set of Mindstorm Robotics. This is another piece of block coding, where they learn to manipulate a robot using a computer. They also complete units in general MS Office software, Graphics manipulation, Multimedia to support making movies and Game design using Kodu, a new visual programming language made specifically for creating games.

In Year 8, students learn; the basics of a computer hardware and network, binary and HTML, how to create a website and necessary skills required for this. They will be using Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Fireworks. They also complete units using, Adobe Photoshop, teaching Photoshop skills and how photos can be editing profoundly changing the image, teaching students to analyse the images they see in the media and not always to accept them at face value. There are other units including more advanced Python, App Inventor 2 and further esafety lessons. Not only will this build necessary skills that they can use in further options but again builds the computational thinking skills required.

St. Peter’s C of E Academy offers Computer Science as an option in Key Stage 4, where we dissect various computers and compare the various hardware in each of them. We also look at software, where we learn how to build programs using App Inventor and Python. Here we are learning how to create a proper report for the Controlled Assessment that the students complete. These skills on report writing will help students in any future career in computing.