Computer Science

The course we study is GCSE Computer Science – AQA Syllabus No 4512

Why study Computer Science?

Computing is of enormous importance to the economy, and the role of Computer Science as a discipline itself and as an ‘underpinning’ subject across science and engineering is growing rapidly. Computer technology continues to advance rapidly and the way that technology is consumed has also been changing at a fast pace over recent years.

The qualification gives students an understanding of key computing concepts and the fundamentals of programming. It focuses on students creating applications, such as mobile and web apps and computer games. Teachers can choose computing languages that best suit them and their students.

The student will create applications to solve problems based on real life scenarios and will test how well their solution meets the needs of the user.

Course Content

Component 1: Practical Programming. - Controlled assessment - Working independently students demonstrate their ability to code a solution to a given problem. The tasks will be set in engaging and relevant contexts, e.g. gaming, web, mobile phone applications.

Component 2: Computing Fundamentals.   The external examination will require students to use their knowledge and understanding of computer technology to demonstrate that they are independent and discerning users of ICT, able to make informed decisions about its use, and aware of the implications of different technologies


Students complete: two controlled assessment tasks and a 90 minute exam.

Students choose their controlled assessment tasks from two areas of interest to them. There are four areas to choose from:                     Gaming                                                                Mobile Apps

Web Apps                                                           More traditional PC-based programs.

Access to Further and Higher Education

AS level and A level or a degree in ICT, Applied ICT, Computer Studies and Computer Science. 

Career Opportunities

Computer Science, teamed with other subjects, leads to careers like:

Computer Games Developer, Computer Games Testing, E-learning Developer , Forensic computer analyst, Technical architect or it systems architect , Web content manager, Web designer , Web developer , Web editor, Computer and Information System Management, Computer Scientist, Computer Support SpecialistComputer Systems AnalystComputer Systems DesignerComputer Programmer, Database Administrator, Network Administrator, Network System Analyst, Software Engineer, Computer Science/ICT Teacher, Plus many more.