Key Stage 3 Technology

Year 7 and 8

During Year 7 and 8 students are taught on a rotation where they will study 3 aspects of Design and Technology:

  • Food Technology
  • Product Design/Graphics
  • Engineering

This means that students will rotate to a different subject at the end of each term, this will give students about 12-14 weeks to learn as much as they can. They will be marked and assessed regularly so they need to always try their very best.

Food Technology

In Food Technology students will learn how to use a range of equipment and tools in the food room. For example they will be able to use a sharp knife correctly and demonstrate safe knife skills.

Students will also be able to follow a recipe and cook some interesting dishes. One of the first practical food lessons will be to make a fruit crumble which they can take home and share with parents and carers.


In year 8 students will build on their knowledge and experience by producing quick easy meals which are nutritional and develop/explore a range of different food processes.

Product Design and Engineering

In Product Design and Engineering, students look to gain an understanding of the tools and equipment used in the workshops by creating a number of challenging and creative projects. Students will learn traditional hand skills but also how to use Computer Aided Design to complete their projects with the aid of a 3D printer. Projects in Years 7&8 include, Key ring torches, Perfume/Aftershave design and Pewter Jewellery.

Year 9

In year 9 students are given the choice of selecting 2 subjects from the 3 on offer, Engineering, Food and Product Design, each course will last for half a year. This means that students will rotate to a different subject at February Half Term. If students do not get their first choice in September then they should get it in February.

Food Technology

In food students will be exploring ‘foods from around the world’. Students will build on the practical skills they have developed over the past two years. Initially students will choose a country that they are interested in, find out interesting facts about the country and explore traditional dishes from that country. Students will be encouraged to use unfamiliar ingredients, use spices and herbs, make tasty dishes from scratch (not using pastes/bottled sauces) and explore different processes. The difference in Food Technology in Year 9 food is that students will be selecting the dishes they want to cook – so everyone will be cooking something different.

Product Design

Students will research an architect of their choice and complete all design aspects to produce a USB desk lamp.  Students will have the opportunity to use a range of equipment and materials to create their own unique design. Students will study how to use 3D Computer design software to prototype their lamps. They will learn how to solder together a simple circuit to allow their USB lamp to work.


Follows a similar trend to Product Design but focussing more on the manufacturing processes. In this unit students design and make a MP3 speaker, create a circuit board and solder components together correctly. They will also develop their 3D drawing skills by working with marker pens and learning how to professionally render their work.

Students will have the choice to work with traditional materials to create the speaker case or choose to create a more organic 3D printed design.