GCSE Engineering

What course do we study?

OCR GCSE Single Award Engineering

What do we study?

GCSE Engineering encourages candidates to be inspired, moved and changed by following a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study and gain an insight into related sectors, such as manufacturing. They should prepare candidates to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices.

Through studying GCSE Engineering, students will be able to:

• Actively engage in the processes of engineering to develop as effective and independent individuals

• Understand the contribution that engineering makes to society and the economy

• Develop an awareness and appreciation of commercial and industry issues and emerging technologies in the context of engineering

• Develop and use a range of transferable skills when designing and making engineered products to enable them to become effective and independent individuals

• Develop an awareness and understanding of environmental issues and sustainable development

• Develop applied engineering skills as a foundation for future learning and progression

• Apply their knowledge and understanding of engineering by using skills of evaluation and problem solving.

How the course is made up

The course is made up of two elements, a coursework project worth 60% of the overall qualification and a final examination worth the remaining 40% of the qualification.