KS3 Performing Arts

At St. Peter’s Academy, Dance and Drama are taught from Key Stage 3 to Examination level.  Each term Year 7, 8 and 9 students enjoy half a term of Dance and half a term of Drama.  A diverse range of topics and themes are taught and include: choreography, performance, poetry, story telling, Physical Theatre, devising a performance, scripted performance, Shakespeare and Pop culture.  Practical work is also coupled with many opportunities to appraise, analyse and evaluate their own and others work, including professional pieces. 

Students have the opportunity to continue their interest in Performing Arts at Key Stage 4 where they can study BTEC/GCSE performing Arts: These are both very practical based courses that allow students to achieve a more in-depth knowledge of Dance and Drama. 

Year 7 and 8

With the students coming to St Peter’s Academy from many feeder schools and a limited knowledge of their differing experiences and abilities, the method of teaching is mainly skills based. The projects are written in line with the National curriculum of Physical Education – Dance, and the National Curriculum of Drama. 

There is an emphasis at this stage on developing dance and drama skills through the exploration of different topics and themes.  Projects usually conclude with a performance where students can demonstrate the skills learnt in previous lessons.  Homework is given to support work in lessons.

Year 9

The Year 9 course in Performing Arts is an introduction to the type of work that can be undertaken in years 10 & 11 for the GCSE/BTEC Performing Arts course.  It is project based with each student required to take an active part in all areas of the project, as well as performing in the final piece.

Although initial starting points are teacher driven the students are encouraged to have more independence of thought and in their creation and delivery of the final piece.