Art and Design


The world in which we live in today heavily surrounds us with the influences of Art and Design whether this is through, the media, advertising, computers, fashion or film.  Our department aims to clarify the enormity of how art supports our modern lives by developing a critical awareness of the visual world and how this can contribute to their own aesthetic development.  Students will gain a broad knowledge of materials and techniques, which will enable them to visually communicate their ideas. The following subheadings help to categorise the key areas considered of importance in developing knowledge and understanding of the subject.

The provision of stimulating Units of Work that engage and maintain pupils’ enjoyment in the subject

We aim to provide all pupils with subject matter that will really engage their interest.  Taking account of current issues and interests surrounding young people it is hoped that they will find the learning process more enjoyable and exciting. 

To develop the language of visual communication

The process of designing or creating a body of work is much the same as the art of storytelling and as such we provide students with the knowledge of how to formulate their thoughts and ideas appropriately to their intentions.

The provision of a dynamic selection of skills and techniques so that all students find their niche

A broad knowledge and understanding of different materials and techniques is provided which pupils can apply thoughtfully and with relevance to the work they do.  This significantly enriches their artistic vocabulary and enables all students to find a technique they can excel at. 

To build confidence in how pupils approach problem solving and development of skills

The ways in which lessons and the classrooms are presented have a lasting impact upon the confidence of students.  Visual stimuli in the form of key words, relevant text and images make the learning environment a place to gain inspiration and information.  Variety in how lessons are conducted and presented, cater for all types of learners and peer assessments and activities help to boost the confidence of the pupils.                       

To gain understanding and knowledge of the social and cultural implications behind art and artefacts

We aim to develop knowledge and understanding of different cultures, contemporary/historical subject matters and how this has relevance on the pupils’ approach to art and artefacts in response.  By exploring a wider viewpoint, students will in turn make critical and constructive decisions about their own and others’ work.  Giving students the opportunity to research different cultures, circumstances and times will benefit their view of the world in which they live and help them to appreciate the rich diversity within it.

The importance of Art and Design on the school curriculum and the contribution it makes

The skills gained from Art and Design can help students to develop their individual learning styles and broaden their ability to communicate.  Pupils will learn to formulate ideas and cognitive techniques that will be useful in other subject areas when problem solving and communication skills are required.