There is Music in every child. The teacher’s job is to find it and nurture it

At St. Peter’s CofE Academy, there are musical opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.

All our lessons are designed to link to the different areas of the OCR GCSE Music specification.

Area of Study 1: My Music

Students in all years learn how to prepare performances on different instruments exploring the art of communication through singing, time keeping and making music.

Area of Study 2: The Concerto through Time

In Year 7, students learn how to read and write music learning how to write for mood and image. Students use different instruments and sounds to compose their own Concerto pieces.

Area of Study 3: Rhythms of the World

In Year 7, students work together to write and perform their own Samba carnival pieces which are performed outside in the Summer.

In Year 8, students work in our Mac suite to write their own Bhangra pieces.

Area of Study 4: Film Music and Video Games

In Year 7, students learn how to identify different instrument sounds and study how these are used in animated films.

In Year 8, students study music and sound effects used in popular and iconic films.

In both years, students learn how to identify the use of instrumentation in their favourite video games and use our mac suite to write their own music for a self-designed video game.

Area of Study 5: The Conventions of Pop

In Year 7, students take on the role of Elvis Presley by learning how to play and move to Rock and Roll music.

In Year 8, students learn the history of the Rock Anthem and begin to work together as Rock bands.


Students who opt for Music at GCSE begin their course in Year 9

KS4 students study all Areas of Study in detail through listening, performance and composition.

AoS2:  The Concerto Through Time
            The Baroque Concerto
            The Classical Concerto
            The Romantic Concerto

AoS3:  Rhythms of the World
            African Drumming
            Brazillian Samba
            Indian and Punjabi rhythms
            Greek and Palestinian rhythms
            Calypso steel pans

AoS4:   Film Music
            Music for Film & Story
            Music  for Video Games

AoS5:  The Conventions of Popular Music
            50’s Rock and Roll
            60’s & 70’s Rock Anthems
            80’ Pop Ballads
            90’s & 00’s Solo Artists

Students use listening notes and practical experiences of all areas to of all areas to revise for an external listening exam taken in Y11

Students also record a solo performance, a group or duo performance, a composition set by the examination board and a composition based on any style they wish.

Preparation for final pieces commence in Year 9 but final pieces aren’t submitted until…





Listening Exam

40% of final grade


Solo Performance

15% of final grade


Group Performance

15% of final grade


Composition to set brief

15% of final grade


Composition in any style

15% of final grade



Extra- Curricular

We have a number of qualified visiting staff who teach one-to-one lessons in various instruments (see right hand column for detail)

Lessons are available to all students at a low price made payable half-termly.

These lessons are paid for by St. Peters for students who opt for Music in Y9.

We also have a thriving Academy Choir ran by our Worship Coordinator and Student Welfare Officer, Maria Rubin.

And new for 2017 – Rock Band! With Miss Neale

There will be opportunities to visit Theatre’s and Pop Museums with the Performing Arts Department.







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