Why we teach music

  • We encourage children to learn music in class to experience expression and promote the love of this subject
  • Children learn that music is all around them – TV, films, their favourite groups etc. – we aim to encourage children to recognise the importance of music in everyday life
  • Music is an excellent subject to promote the learning and development of team working skills
  • The music staff consistently promote that all children can achieve in this subject regardless of ability

What we are aiming to do

  • To engage all children in this subject
  • To inspire all children promoting a sense of achievement
  • We aim to challenge all children often resulting in many children achieving better than expected progress at both key stages
  • We prepare children at KS3 for progression to KS4; at KS4 we prepare children for progression to AS and A level
  • We aim to promote SMSC at all levels of the curriculum
  • Through the performance element we aim to improve the confidence in all students through solo and ensemble performances in class and public appearances.
  • We are aiming for students to recognise and realise their talents which can then be further nurtured and developed
  • We aim for students to recognise the importance of music history and how it has influenced and developed the music of today
  • Students have a good knowledge of music contributes to our culture, the culture of the world, our creativity and wealth

How we teach it

  • We teach a broad and balanced curriculum encompassing all three aspects of music – performing, composing and appraising
  • Through our teaching we aim to excite, stimulate and challenge children through regularly revised schemes of work which are frequently adapted to suit the needs and ability of the children

How we identify progress and achievement in music

We currently follow the traditional NC levels for music for all three aspects of the subject.

The child’s technical ability on the classroom instruments is measured over time; progress is recorded in the form of feedback as well as an end of project assessments.

Extra-curricular provision

  • The music department endeavors to participate in concerts both within the Academy and at different venues around the Stoke on Trent area.
  • All students have the opportunity to take music/singing lessons starting at KS3
  • Informal recital evenings are produced throughout the year by the GCSE music class and are held at St Peter’s Academy