2018 Exam Results


Unvalidated 2018 GCSE Results



Key Stage 4 2018


Progress 8 Store



Attainment 8 score



Percentage of pupils entered for English Baccalaureate



Percentage of pupils achieving standard pass in English Baccalaureate



Strong Pass (9-5) English



Strong Pass (9-5) Maths



Strong Pass Basics (9-5) English and Maths



Standard Pass (9-4) English



Standard Pass (9-4) Maths



Standard Pass Basics (9-4) English and Maths





More students than ever before achieved a Grade 9-5 (strong pass) and a 9-4 (standard pass) in English and Mathematics this year at St. Peter’s. There was also an increase in the number of students that achieved the English Baccalaureate, that includes English, Mathematics, 2 Sciences, History or Geography and French or Spanish. 
Principal, Michael Astley reflected, “The students worked really hard to achieve these grades and I am very proud of them. All of our staff have given everything to help the students get these results that will help them in their future endeavours”.


We also have many Year 11 students who made outstanding progress when comparing their GCSE results to their Key Stage 2 SATs results, the most significant being Mustafa Hachim, Ruqayya Zulfiqar, Salma Ahmed, Charlie Bradley, Adam Ali and Raziya Akhtar.

In addition to the Year 11s, a group of 43 Year 10 students took their English Literature GCSE 12 months early, with amazing results. 72% of them achieved a Grade 9-7 (A*-A in the old system) and more than half of them achieved a grade one, two or even three grades higher than their target. What a fantastic achievement and a perfect way to start their final year at St. Peter’s.

Year 10 Students who achieved a Grade 9 (a Grade only awarded to the top 2% of the country) in English Literature are Leigh Atherton, Jasmine Dibble, Evie Podmore, Kate Reaney, Charlotte Rogers, Zahra Asif, Shyen Ibrahim, Dylan Morgan, Olivia Jackson, Daisy Whitfield and Gemma Cowie.