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Christingle Service

On the 7th December the Y7’s walked to Christchurch Church in Fenton for their Christingle Service. The Choir’s newest and youngest members made their first solo and extremely nervous debut appearance at the Year 7 Christingle Service in front of their peers, blessing them with their own special rendition of the ‘Christingle Song’

Student Comments From Y7 Students

Matthew Lawton –I didn’t really know what to expect but I really enjoyed the service especially lighting the candles.

Kirsty Olive – It was beautiful and felt really special sitting in the dark singing in the candlelight.

Charlie Knowles – I love singing in the choir, it was extra special today though because we were singing for our own friends in Year 7. A Christmas Prayer, Joy to the World is a really lovely song which reminds us of what Christmas is really all about.  ‘Joy to the world, peace to every boy and girl’

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