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Leaders of our Future

Recently I had the pleasure of escorting our Head Boy Gursharan Singh and Head Girl Niamh Thompson to a ‘Leaders of Our Future’ seminar at Stoke on Trent College.

All senior prefects from the various schools and academies across the city attended and the afternoon consisted of leadership activities and motivational lectures from college tutors and local business people.

Guest speakers included: Kevin Smith, Principal of Stoke on Trent College, Mark Whittaker, Director of Marketing, Trevor Humphreys, Sports Leader who presented a motivational winners talk and Sara Williams CEO of Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce who also shared her experiences on how to succeed.

Gursharan said: It was nice getting together with other Head boys and girls in the area. We learnt a lot from one another. My favourite part of the afternoon was interacting with others in the group tasks especially when we had to list famous and current leaders in rank order, giving our reasons why. This caused a lot of controversy and provoked much discussion amongst our group.

Niamh said: It provided excellent ideas on how to be a good leader. I especially enjoyed the seminar on motivation.

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