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Attendance Matters

In 2015/16, students who achieved 5 A*- C had an average attendance of 96%, in contrast, only 1 in 10 students with less than 90% attendance achieved this national expectation.

As evidenced in the statement above, we are all aware of the strong link between a student’s attendance and their achievement, but good attendance is also an essential component of a successful Academy.  At SPA, as part of our aim to support every student in fulfilling their potential, we are striving to achieve the Academy target of 96% attendance which we set ourselves at the beginning of the year. We are certain that each and every student within the Academy will reap the rewards from an overall improvement in attendance.  In order to meet this target and to ensure that every student has the best possible chance of maximising their achievement, a collective effort is required together with support and commitment for our parent / carer community.  Please do all that you can to ensure that you child is present in the Academy unless there is a robust and compelling reason for their absence.

News from the first Half Term of Autumn

Since the Academy returned following the summer break Mrs Astley (Attendance Intervention Manager) and Miss Lomax (Attendance Officer) have further increased the focus upon the importance of good attendance and punctuality. We hope that all students and parents are now aware of the clear correlation between attendance, achievement and ambition and understand that if students are to achieve their potential during their time at SPA they need to attend on-time, every day.

To get the year off to a great start we held a tutor group competition for September which saw some excellent levels of attendance. The winning forms are listed below and were the recipients of chocolates.  

Year 7- Miss Grant -99.5%

Year 8- Miss Gloyne -95.3%

Year 9- Ms Mullany --97.2%

Year 10- Mr Bains -97.6%

Year 11- Miss Edwards -98.8%

During the second week of November we have also seen the winners of the first half term attendance awards. Members of these forms have demonstrated an excellent attitude to attendance and have provided a wonderful example that we hope the rest of the Academy will aspire to. To recognise their efforts they were treated to hot chocolate with marshmallows and cakes during break time. The winning forms are listed below.

Year 7- Mrs Brabbs -97.8%

Year 8- Mr Hooker -96%

Year 9- Mr Courneya-97%

Year 10- Mr Bains -95.2%

Year 11- Miss Edwards -98.3%

This half term will see this prize awarded to the tutor group with the most improved attendance compared to last half term and these break time treats will be served during the second week back in January.

General Attendance Information

If your child is ill or absent for any reason, please contact the Academy daily by one of the following methods:

· Telephone: 01782 882500 select option 1 to leave a message or speak to the Attendance Officer.

· Email:

Please provide the student’s full name, year and full details of why they are absent.  Please indicate how long they may be absent and note that in the first instance we require daily contact to keep us informed.

If for any reason you suspect that a matter within the Academy is affecting your child’s attendance, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can work with them to resolve any difficulties.

At the end of term an attendance and punctuality update on every individual student will be sent home by post.  We encourage you to look out for this and take any requested action promptly.

General Punctuality Information

Please ensure that you child is on site by 8.30 a.m. every day. 

Late detentions are held on Friday from 3.00 p.m. and students are required to make up any time that they have missed throughout the day due to poor punctuality between the previous Friday and Thursday of that week.  Written notifications for late detentions are issued to students on Thursdays during Period 5.  If your child wishes to receive more information on where their late minutes have been accrued or disputes a late detention they should speak with Mrs Astley or Miss Lomax before the end of break on Friday.   Please encourage your child to be prompt to lessons and to co-operate with any detentions issued if lateness does occur.


Many thanks for your continued support.