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Prayer Breakfast

My intention is to produce a collection of themed form prayers and create a Prayer Blanket which will enable me to pray for each child individually by the end of this academic year.  I will also be ensuring that all local churches include our Academy in their prayers.

A huge thank you goes out to all those who faithfully support the regular Prayer events held at St Peter’s Academy.  In particular to Paul Critchley and Lloyd Cooke who faithfully make time in their busy schedules to support and lead this event.

Recently a group of students, parents, staff and visitors from in and around our community gathered at St Peter’s Academy on a Saturday morning to enjoy a prayer breakfast and time of prayer and worship together.

It is always a privilege to share God’s blessing with one another and feel God’s hand at work in the hearts and minds of so many people.

Please continue to pray for the future of St Peters Academy, we look forward to more and more parents and students joining us at similar events in the near future.  

May God bless you all.

Mrs Rubin - Worship Coordinator