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Show My Homework

Show My Homework Update

As you may already be aware, at the start of the Academic Year we re-launched our homework policy and in conjunction with that, we are continuing to use the Show My Homework software.

Show My Homework allows you to monitor homework from home and gives parents an insight into the types of tasks that are being issued. It also allows parents to view timelines and frequency of homework set. At St. Peter’s we have a homework policy which states that homework should be set in a ratio of 1:3, meaning one homework should be set for every three lessons taught.

I am pleased to state that following communication with Show My Homework Support Team, we are above the levels they would expect for both teacher and student engagement. This is fantastic news as homework remains a key area for St. Peter’s.

If you are unsure how to use Show My Homework, or have never logged on, please follow the links on our school website for a quick guide on the software and how to use it. Please also keep a look out on our website for upcoming events as a “Parent’s Guide to Show My Homework” is in the pipeline!

If you don’t have a PIN number to log on, don’t worry, we can issue you with one. If your son/daughter is in Year 8-11, just get them to ask a member of staff and they can provide the PIN for you. If your son/daughter is in Year 7, then get them to come to me and I will issue them with both e students and a parent PIN for you to use.

If you have any queries surrounding the use of Show My Homework, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the Academy. My e-mail is: