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Fierce Event

LZ7 are a group of professional musicians and trained communicators, inspiring and motivating young people about positive life choices. They use the universal language of their music to inspire, motivate and reach young people with a positive message ranging from life- choices, self-esteem, self-harm and bullying.

Yesterday we had the privilege of welcoming LZ7 into St Peter’s Academy to perform to our young people. The event was a resounding success and the students responded really positively. In face the feedback from both staff and students has been amazing.

From the start, LZ7 kept a relevance and honesty about their music, which comes from a heart that sees the best in young people. Throughout their performance the band shared personal experiences and inspirational stories from their own lives, which gave the students an insight and deeper perspective of where they come from, what they are all about and what their message was all about.

‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is your destiny, make a purpose today’!

Since 2005, the band has been into thousands of schools around the world with regular school tours in New Zealand, Holland, USA and of course the UK.

To see information about the event on Friday 10th February click here /uploads/asset_file/3_262_fierce-event-questions.pdf


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