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Outdoor Classroom

“A copse is an oasis for birds and creates a beautiful attractive feature for people to enjoy, and can be a great outdoor learning area or mini ‘forest’ school classroom for children to learn in. In our copse pack you’ll get 10 each of silver birch, rowan and wild cherry.”

We have a pack of 30 trees arriving at St Peter’s and will be planted on Wednesday 15th March 2017.  The trees are free and are a result of applying for a pack from the Woodland Trust.

The aim is to create an outdoor learning space that can be used by all faculties and staff.

The trees will be planted in a rough circle with enough space to allow light into the area but enclosed enough to feel like a small forest.

Examples of how this area will be used include:

A Science lesson on life cycles of plants including a discussion on the types of trees planted and the habitat they create.

An Art lesson on observational drawing/painting techniques.

A ‘Forest School’ lesson teaching bushcraft/camping skills contributing to the social and emotional learning of students.

A Performing Arts space for productions and practice.

A (weather appropriate) quiet space for students to reflect or calm down.

We shall use the existing ‘amphitheatre’ area of the school grounds.  This area would allow for a tiered planting of trees on multiple levels to allow light into the “room”.  The concreted area in the centre of the space would allow for wheelchair and disabled access at all times of the year.  The area provides unobstructed south facing views allowing for sunlight to benefit the trees and allow more light to enter.

The trees will need a spacing of 2 meters to allow for growth. When planted the trees will be saplings and will require protection from the elements and animals (staking and wrapping). After 5 years the trees will be a few meters tall and well established.

To see some photographs taken when the saplings were planted please click here