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Year 9 semi final victory against OSSMA

On Thursday 11th of May, year 9’s football team played against OSSMA in the semi final of the City cup and came out victorious with the score of 2-0 with Cameron Causley scoring to put the team in the lead early in the first half after an intense game of football.

In the second half St Peter’s maintained the lead with better possession showing their dominance as they have in all games since the start. With 10 minutes left of the game Lewis Ibbs scored the 2nd goal to secure the lead.

All respect to OSSMA for giving it their best and not giving up. Well done to Cameron C, Lewis I, Oliver S, Liam A, Josh E, Dan R, Dan A, Halim N, Luca G, Sonny B, Clayton S, Bartosz and Eren A. A great win for St Peter’s academy continuing their unbeaten streak.