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White Water Writers

St Peter's Excellence Academy is delighted to announce that Shyen Ibrahim, Daisy Whitfield and Abigail Durose have been selected to participate in the White Water Writer's project. White Water Writers is a literacy project that enables groups of up to ten writers to write and publish their own novel within five days. With an idea for the novel facilitated by university students , the students  take the idea, develop it, draft it, proof it, refine it and polish it. After four and a half days – they publish it.

White Water Writer's week-long writing camps develop literacy and communication skills, teamwork and attention to detail whilst raising attainment and achievement as well as aspirations and self-esteem.
Developed by academics at Royal Holloway, University of London and Keele University. Fully supported by academic research and grounded in proven educational and psychological theory.
This is an exciting opportunity for our students and we look forward to presenting the novel to parents and the wider community when it is published.