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SPA Lit Fest 2017

SPA Lit Fest 2017

On the 13th July SPA students will drop everything and read in EVERY lesson for 10 minutes when our Lit Fest anthem sounds! This day provides the students with exciting opportunities to read for pleasure and to access a range of reading materials.

On this day Students will be able to volunteer to take part in the sponsored reading event.

The money raised will be used to improve the school’s library. Students can will nominate either how many books they wish to read or a number of hours they will read for. They will also be given house points for each book/hour. Students can choose between: free reading, bronze, silver or gold reading lists. The number of points they receive will increase if they choose a harder book. All students participating in the sponsored read will spend the Lit Fest day reading.


Other activities taking place on this day are:

BOOKS ON CD: During the day some students will be recording themselves reading children’s books on to CD and these will be given to the children’s wards at UHNS

BOOKSHARE: Donated books (from staff and students) will be sold for between 20p and £1 to raise further funds.
EXPERT TEACHERS: High ability students will be giving master classes and/or mini-lectures to other classes during the week as well as creating recommended read posters to display around the school
Primary School Links: Some students will be visiting primary schools to read to or with younger students.