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15 Academy students have the privilege of attending a 24 hour residential retreat at Dovedale House on the evening of Thursday 27th & day of Friday 28th September 2018 to explore the ‘WOW!’ FACTOR IN WORSHIP.

The retreat will be held at St Chad Retreat Centre, Dovedale House where they will have the privilege of exploring various forms of worship. The focus will include the following themes:

Discovering the Heart of God: helping the young people explore the importance of awe and wonder in worship – or as it will be described the ‘WOW!’ factor.

Growing Disciples: encouraging the young people to grow in their understanding through group work and interactive activities, making full use of the many resources that Dovedale House and the surrounding countryside has to offer.

Reaching New Generations:  we are truly blessed by having so many Church Schools in this Diocese and they offer a key pathway to reaching new generations which we have only just begun to explore. 

Transforming Communities:  our students will be sharing this experience with young people from the King’s School in Kidsgrove and other rural, town and inner city settings, bringing Church Schools closer together so that they may share and learn from each other thus strengthening the Church/Community links.

Practising Generosity:  Dovedale House offers a warm welcome to so many school groups from the neighbouring Dioceses By providing a positive experience for young people, it is hoped that in the future the Church Schools in this Diocese will make better use of this amazing asset and that enthusiasm will gradually filter through to non -  Church Schools too.

The Retreat will be led by Libby Leech who is employed by the Diocese and coordinator of the ‘Reaching New Generations Team’. Mr Astley along with Local Clergy who already have links with our Academy will be invited to share in the second day of the Retreat to experience life at Dovedale House. Clergy will then be encouraged to follow up by increasing their links with the schools involved and actively including the young people who have been on the Retreat in the planning of any School Assemblies/Worship that they are leading.

Students will be awarded a personalised certificate plus a Candle for School Worship from the Diocese at the end of each Retreat.

Mr Weeks and Mrs Rubin will be accompanying the students on the retreat and we look forward to hearing about their experience on their return.

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