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Art students attended an Artist Day at St Paul's CoE Academy

11 Art students at St Peter’s Academy attended an Artist Day at St Pauls CoE Academy. The students took along with them examples of their own work which they shared with the students of St Paul’s.

Each of the 11 students led a different art lesson with a range of different year groups starting with nursery through to year 6. St Peter’s students taught a range of different drawing skills through the use of pencil, biro, watercolour, pencil crayon and pastel. The students worked extremely hard teaching art and supporting younger students in their art sessions.

The students that participated have received a considerable amount of positive comments, both about their demeanour and also their artistic skills.

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Students quotes:

On 25th October we went to St Paul’s Primary School to teach kids ow to do art.  I really enjoyed this rip as I got to directly interact with the kids and got to teach themIsobel

The 25th October 2018 we went in a small group, of Year 10 and Year 11, to St Paul’s Primary School.  They sent me in a class of Year 3 where I taught them how to draw eyes and use water colours.  I painted 10 copies of one drawing that like the most, which is one of Conrad Crispin Jones and gave them on between two children.  When I showed them which one I chose for them, they really liked it so I knew that I was going to have fun in that two hours with them.  First they sketched the eye on their small sketchbooks and when I helped each kids how to draw the shape of the eye and eyelashes.  Naomi

I went to St Paul’s CofE Primary on 25th October as part of their artist’s day.  I taught some year 5 students about drawing comics and cartoons and I real enjoyed it.  All of the pupils were very enthusiastic about the activity and didn’t hesitate to ask me for guidance.  Overall I had a really good time and got to teach some really nice people.  Abigail

25th October we went to St Paul’s CofE Primary School.  I taught Year 1 how to use the grid method and then we did some colouring.  I enjoyed seeing the kids have fun with their art as they were eager to learn.  Caitlin