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Year 9 Workplace Visit

What a fantastic day, a group of Year 9 students visited W J North, Road Marking Specialists today, Monday 10th December.

The day started off with an informal get to know the company, then we were split into groups and asked to come up with a team name, one was The Haribos.

We then went off to do three different tours and hands on experiences. The first tour was around the office facilities. We saw administration through to design, planning and health and safety. All of the work force were highly experienced. We then went to a demonstration of the vehicles and how they service and repair them. We met an apprentice forma local college who was training to be a mobile mechanic.

We all got chance to enter a group completion were they had to rearrange road symbols, we then had a chance to lay down some road markings. The last tour was to see a brand new robot that marks out all road markings using a GPS system (we had a go to control it)

Quote from Tom the manager your group was amazing; you should be proud of them.


Mr J Simpson - Technology


Click here to see the photo album of the visit