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Update on our 'Keep it Clean' Campaign 2019

You will be pleased to know that there has been a reduction of litter since we launched Rocky’s ‘Keep SPA Clean’ Litter Campaign 4 weeks ago.

On 14th January the Year 11 environmentalist students Daisy, Charlotte and Shyen collected a total of 199 items of litter ranging from sweet wrappers, crisp packets, plastic cartons, paper, bottles, cutlery, cigarette packets, chewing gum and food. The main items collected included paper, plastic bottles and gum.

On 12th February Rocky and a number of his helpers collated a total of 84 items of litter. The number of plastic bottles discarded has reduced by half and there is a significant reduction in paper and food. However, chewing gum remains the same.

Well done to everyone for their efforts but we still have a long way to go!!!

Keep up the good work and help Rocky to Keep ‘SPA Clean’ !!

Students: Lewis Roberts, Eloise O’Hara, Jessica Sterne, Hannah Salt, Josh Rokovesa


                                         update photo rocky                  students cleaning up


                                        students cleaning up 2                   students cleaning up 3