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Cocktails and Silver Service

A group of year 10 Hospitality and Catering students went to The Moathouse in Acton Trussell Stafford on the 7th March. The visit was set up to get a greater understanding of the industry and the roles the students could have a career in.

The day was amazing with very informative talks about the business and how they have grown over the years. The tour was then lead by three managers, hospitality, bar and marketing, this consisted of visiting all areas of the hotel including kitchen, conference, facilities, administration and bedrooms first impression definitely gave a wow factor and students were visibly inspired by the visit.

We returned to the meeting room and got taught some specific skills. The students were split into two groups, one making Mocktails using all the cocktail equipment. The second group did silver service table setting, napkin folding and waiting.

We then got treated to a silver service two course meal to end the day.


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