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Outstanding Attitude to Learming

Recently, Revd Flanagan and Mr Callaghan had the privilege of accompanying 18 of our students to a performance of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol at the Rep Theatre following the launch of our new Attitude to Learning strategy.

The performance, by the Scarlet Theatre Company, was followed by a workshop exploring the themes of the story and how they were expressed through the performance.

Students were delighted with the experience, commenting that, “The scene changes were great—they kept the story moving.” They also noted that, “The actors were enthusiastic.”

The following key stage 3 students who were being rewarded for their consistently outstanding attitude to learning in lessons and around the academy:


YR 7

Fausta Cepaite, Jorja Wright, Mahnoor Iqbal, Ben Rothwell, Owen Berry, Nimra Azhar, Lewis Hughes, Connor O'Brien

YR 8

Ben Kerr, Farrah Edwards, Gabrielle Sampson, Arthur Stockton-Nixon, Emily Whittle, Vera Addai, Ruby Wilson, Bartosz Abratanski

YR 9

Aimee Buckton, Izabelle Bull


There will be many more opportunities for being rewarded with the launch of our Rewards Strategy in the new term, including rewards for attitudes to learning, attendance, progress and contribution to our SPA community.