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SASCAL Art Competition

Aboriginal Art was as one of the many topics covered by year 8 Art students last year. They explored the traditional stories handed down by generations and produced a collage made of tiny dots and ripped sugar paper. The work they produced was mounted and exhibited in school. It was from this selection of work that I chose 3 outstanding images to represent Art across the County at a summer exhibition held at Wychwood Park for the Stoke on Trent Association of Secondary College and Academy Leaders (SASCAL) conference. The art on display at the exhibition has since been made into a calendar 2016. I am delighted to congratulate 3 current year 9 students Aimee Buckton, Charlie Bradley and Raziya Akhtar on their wonderful achievement in art. The students were presented with the Calendars which display their work and we are honoured to have them around the Academy.

Mrs J Page

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                                                                           Raziya Akhtar                   Aimee Buckton                    Charlie Bradley

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