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Meet our Student Mental Health Ambassadors

A Student Mental Health Ambassador, is here to offer emotional support and guidance within the academy.

A Mental Health Ambassador is someone who will:


•Understand/empathise with others

•Does not judge

•Is approachable

•Will treat everyone equally

•Thinks everyone is important


Your Mental Health Ambassadors are:

picture 1                 Picture 2                  rocky now

Year 8 - Eduard Cernat, Lewis McDonald, Aiden Cotton, Aqeeb Mohammed, Oliver Hackney, Josh Rokovesa, Alicia Higginson, Jess Bailey, Daisy Stevenson.

Year 9 - Reece Hughes, Oliver Oldfield, Nicoleta Grigoruta, Maria David, Amelia Matthews, Freya Thompson, Faith Sieradzki.

Year 10 – Elle Burns, Shannon Simpkin, Goda Ribenkate, Claire Pisira, Lizzie Critchley, Jordan Jackson, Steph Sieradzki, Hammad Mohammed, Eduard Avram, Senay Aykut.

and ROCKY!!!!


Click here to see the Ambassadors training