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Lower School Graduation and Leadership Team

Earlier today during a year group assembly, All Year 7 students were officially issued with their 9 Objectives that they will work towards from post half term to the end of Year 8. These objectives are linked to the Lower School Graduation where students have the opportunity to graduate with a 1st, 2.1 or 2.2,  with every student who graduates being invited to a Graduation Ceremony involving parents/carers followed by a Prom at an offsite venue (TBC).  

Click here to see the 9 objetives

Also during this assembly, Lower School Leaders and Reps were appointed to help shape the future of Lower School and ensure that leaders of the future are given the opportunity to shine. Every student who applied for the Head Boy, Head Girl and the 4 Deputy Head positions had to undergo a rigorous selection process which included an application, interview and speech to staff and students.

Each and every one of the candidates were amazing and did themselves and the Academy proud but the final 6 leadership and 14 Lower School Rep positions went to:

Lower School HB & HG with principal


Head Boy - Luke-Thomas Lightwood

Head Girl - Abby Jahollari


Lower School deputies


Deputies - Celie Bates, Sophie Chan, Lizzie Parkin, Lewis Roberts


Lower School prefect team



Lower School Reps - Aminah Adeel, Louis Bettany, Amailay Bibbey, Ruby Booth, Faith Gidman, Chelsea Greenall, Brian Kamgue-Kakanou, Daniall Leese, Eloise O'Hara, Lilieta Ratucaucau, Emily-Paige Rowson, Jessica Sterne, Muskaan Wadhwa, Choi-Yue Yu


A massive well done to all involved! I look forward to working more closely with you all after Half Term!

Craig Proffitt
Head of Year 7 & 8