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May Half Term Activities

Fabulous fun day Tuesday 28th May at St Peter's CofE Academy during May half term. The kids enjoyed bubble sports, even trying to play badminton in their bubble suits. We had lots of fun with the parachute. There was loads of craft activities to take part in. Lots to do for all age groups. Some of our Year 11 were also in today, working hard in preparation for their exams. The food was lovely and enjoyed by everyone. 

Lovely to welcome so many new faces on Wednesday 29th May, along with some familiar ones. The children, as well as the adults, seemed to really enjoy todays selection of arts and crafts. We had a lovely visit today from Mrs Simpson and her daughter, who enjoyed the play doh. Laser tag was a great hit, the children used great team work to defend each other. Football is aways a favourite, where the kids get to show off their skills. Lunch is always a nice time, where we can all come together, chat and enjoy the lovely food. 


Lots of plans are now being put into place for the summer holidays, so we look forward to seeing you all again in 7 weeks time.



Thank you everyone for making the past couple of days so much fun.



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