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Message from the Principal

20th June 2019

I am not a natural artist and never will be, but there is not much I enjoy more during the school day than wandering around the art rooms chatting to Mrs Cummings, Mrs Hodgson and the students. Wednesday morning I popped in and there was a Year 10 GCSE class and a Year 7 lesson.

What struck me was not just the quality of the work, but the pride the students were taking in it and the fabulous relationships amongst the students and the staff. It also made me realise that my office is actually a bit boring so I intend to get some art work up in there, ready for September.

Pictures show some of the art work seen by Mr Astley which is still 'work in progress'

Art 1             Art 3            Art 5             Art 6    Art 9  Art 8   Art 10