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Y9 & Y10 visit to Amsterdam and Ypres

In July 43 yr. 9 & 10 students made the journey to Amsterdam and Ypres to visit Anne Frank's hiding place and the World War One battle fields on a cross curricular visit.

Students were able to explore the famous poetry of Robert Graves, as they visited resting places of the war dead and walked in his footsteps at the Essex Farm dressing station and cemetery.

Students addressed issues surrounding preconception and misinterpretation as they compared the ways that British and German troops were remembered at Tyne Cott and Langemark cemeteries. They commented on the value of visiting such sites to understand the scale of the conflict in practice rather than just hearing the numbers in class.

Abigail Hughes and Andrei Lupea laid a wreath on behalf of the Academy during the Last Post Ceremony.

Theology discussions on the visit focussed on the causes of evil and suffering in both Ypres and Amsterdam, addressing the issue of human accountability in both cases, and linking these experiences into the GCSE Religious Studies syllabus.

Overall a meaningful and enjoyable experience for both students and staff.


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