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Young Engineer of the Year


Young Engineer of the Year is about providing the next generation with the skills needed by industry, it addresses the STEM skills gap and opens up career paths for students within our local area. There will be specific milestones throughout the process that nurture and develop these skills.

Aspiration, Ambition and Fun are the key elements of our competition.

On Wednesday 16th of April 6 Students from year 10 Emma Louise Allen, Freya Gough, Tom Hollins, Kian Minor, Sarah Moss and Declan Wall represented the school at the KMF Young Engineer of the Year competition at the Britannia Stadium.

Continuing their mission to explore the upper atmosphere and take a selfie from the edge of space.

After an inspiring talk from Jason Bradbury of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show where he outlined the purpose of the day and his expectation of the teams the activates begun.

Throughout the morning pupils had the opportunity to learn out helium and how to fill up large scale weather balloons. See how there capsule would perform as it was winched up the side of the Britannia stadium to take a selfie.

However the pupil’s most favourite part of the day was discussing their ideas and plans with Jason Bradbury for the capsule and experiment. Jason provided very positive feedback on the theme and design for the capsule and was impressed with the artwork and Tardis design. The final design will be manufactured by our sponsors QPS Printers on high grade polypropylene allowing it to withstand the temperature variations as it completes its journey into space.

As part of the day all teams were issued with a new laptop from KMF with Sent into Space providing software to allow a live feed from the capsule at it completes its journey into space to be generated.

At the end of the event Jason launched his own balloon and capsule form the car park of the stadium giving pupils an experience of what to expect on the mission day on the 12th May at RAF Cosford.

Pupils will be judged on the following criteria before the final night at the Kings Hall, Stoke on Trent on 7th July.

Young Engineer of the Year 2016

Best photo retrieved

Best film edit of the Young Engineer Journey to Space

Best Engineered Capsule

Spirit of Young Engineer

Highest altitude

Best scientific experiment

"This was a worthwhile event that gave us feedback off professionals and taught us vital skills that we will need for our launch date. It also gave us the opportunity to be self-dependent when launching our weather balloon. Whilst we were having this experience we got to see everyone else’s capsules and got to discuss ideas with people our age."

Freya and Sarah




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