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Young Engineer of the Year

Young Engineer of the Year is about providing the next generation with the skills needed by industry, it addresses the STEM skills gap and opens up career paths for students within our local area. There will be specific milestones throughout the process that nurture and develop these skills. Aspiration, Ambition and Fun are the key elements of our competition.

On Thursday 12th of May 6 Students from year 10 Emma Louise Allen, Freya Gough, Tom Hollins, Kian Minor, Sarah Moss and Declan Wall represented the school at the KMF Young Engineering of the Year competition at RAF Cosford. 

The plan for the day was to launch and track the team’s weather balloon over Shropshire. Unfortunately things did not go to plan, and the balloon was sent off into space without a fully functioning tracker. Despite the teams best efforts and an appeal to the people of Ludlow on Facebook and Local radio our balloon was lost.

However we cannot end our space adventure here. Like all the best space pioneers we wouldn’t let one little set back stop us and the decision was taken to re-launch.Thursday the 23rd of June was set for Launch day from the Staffordshire University sports fields. The day was beautiful and the weather perfect, early predictions for distance said north of Harrogate, it was going to be a long day. 

As a team we all enjoyed following the balloon over the peak district and were able to document the journey making notes and comments on the balloon as it carried on its journey, unfortunately it was all too much for Kian and he needed a little afternoon nap.

None of us were expecting the Balloon to travel as far as it did all the way north of Leeds. The students where very impressed about how the balloon had come down in someone’s garden and what the reaction must have been.