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Year 7 Horrible Histories Trip

On the 22nd April, 30 Year 7 pupils enjoyed a trip to the Regent Theatre to watch ‘Horrible Histories Live: Incredible Invaders’. The trip was enjoyed by everyone including myself and Mr Poole and we all enjoyed learning about the invaders who had come to Britain and especially enjoyed the 3D special effects in the second half. For many pupils it was their first experience of the theatre and all were keen to go again. Shuhena Miah 7LB said ‘I really enjoyed the History trip we went on and we all learnt lots about the Celts, Romans and Vikings. The best part of the trip was when the 3D effects gave us all a shock, it felt like we were going to be shot by arrows and bitten by a giant snake! We learnt a lot from the trip and it was very interesting.’