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SALAD Day Tuesday 11th October

On  Tuesday 11th October we are proud to be holding our highly anticipated second SALAD Day.

SALAD stands for Speaking and Listening Activity Day, and the aim of the day is for students to improve their oracy skills by using them in a variety of contexts and situations. Speaking and listening is at the heart of students’ learning, they need to be confident communicators and active listeners in order to learn about the world they live in. Language skills are crucial and SALAD Day's provide excellent opportunities to develop these essential life skills.

On this innovative and dynamic day there will be a wide variety of imaginative work and activities going on, whereby speaking and listening will be celebrated by both students and teachers across the Academy.

Here is what a few of our students had to say about our last SALAD day:

"I thought it was a great day; lessons were filled with interesting and exciting activities. It was brilliant to see the subject from a different perspective, which involved more talking than writing."

Kyle Grattage Year 10

"Although everyone was in wonder at what SALAD was at first, it was a day filled with different opportunities to develop our speaking and listening skills. We had some interesting debates and were given the opportunity to express ourselves."

Rebecca Jones Year 11

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