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Year 9 Democracy Day

On Friday 14th October a group of Year 9 students were invited to the King’s Hall in Stoke to participate in ‘Democracy Day’.  During the day the students participated in a variety of activities which had a focus on events and organisations within the city and how the Council supports these.

Students also had the opportunity to meet the Lord Mayor and to participate in a question and answer session which took place in the council chamber.

The day was a fantastic opportunity for the students to voice their opinions on the City Council and they all thoroughly enjoyed it, here is what they had to say:

“It was very fascinating and interesting as we learnt a lot of facts that will help us when we do more debates in the future. It was also very interesting to learn more about the council and what they do.” - Kate

“We had experiences we wouldn’t have been able to have before and it has been very helpful for not just myself but the whole group that went. It was a great day!” - Victoria

“We had many opportunities to voice our opinions to the council and the team made the experience entertaining.” - Shyen

“The trip wasn’t what I expected it all. It was really exciting to go and learn about the Stoke on Trent council but also to ask questions that we wouldn’t get the chance to normally ask.” - Daisy

“It was very enjoyable, it was a great experience to learn about the city’s political parties, democracy and the knowledge of it is good to know as well.” - Emanuel

“The whole event was very well organised and I enjoyed every minute of it.” - Olivia


Mrs Bowler

Head of English



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