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Year 8 Spanish Food Tasting lesson

A group of our Year 8 students were given the opportunity to have a taste of Spanish food during one of their language lessons.

Students dared to try 4 Spanish delicacies: tortilla (egg and potato omelette), chorizo (paprika sausage), aceitunas (olives) and magadalenas (cupcakes). They were very brave to eat the olives and some of the boys even had a competition to see who could dare to eat more.

After the food tasting, students were then able to practise giving opinions, in Spanish, about the food and then went on to write a descriptive piece about their views on Spanish foods, in Spanish. 

Shannon said: “I loved trying the different foods, specially the omelette. It's something I had never been able to do before.”

Daoud said: “It was fun to taste the foods, I was motivated to do my writing after because I knew what I was talking about.”

Liam said:” It was interesting to try the foods. It meant a lot to be able to try something so different and I did well on my writing.”


Mrs Rodriguez

Spanish Teacher

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