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St Peter's debate society

On Thursday November 17th 2016, a selection of pupils from St Peter’s debate society successfully made it through, for the second year running, to the semi-finals of SASCAL (the Stoke-on-Trent secondary head teachers' group) youth speaking competition. 12 other secondary schools from across the City joined St Peter’s at the semifinals and the competition was to an exceptionally high standard.

The dynamic and articulate students chosen to represent the Academy were: Daisy Whitfield, Victoria Woodhouse, Shyen Ibrahim and Olivia Jackson. The topic for their presentation was ‘Think Free, Be  Free, Live for Freedom.’

I am delighted to say that St Peter’s Academy have successfully made it through to the City finals, which will take place on January 18th 2017. The girls’ performance on the day was outstanding, they truly deserve their place in the finals- therefore all should be thoroughly congratulated.


Miss E Bowler

(Head of English)