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Enquiries and Staff Contacts

Who do I contact?


For general enquiries, contact the Academy Office on 01782 882500 or


For enquiries relating to student progress, contact a member of our Raising Standards Team:

Mrs A Auckland -

Mr C Proffitt -

Mr G Pickford -

Mr B Thompson -


For enquiries relating to student welfare, contact a member of our Student Development Team 

Mrs K Alcock- Behaviour Intervention Manager -

Mrs L Davies - Student/Family Liaison -

Mrs F Keeling - Student/Family Liaison -

Mrs D Hammersley - Inclusion and Response -

Mrs M Rubin - Student Welfare -


For enquiries relating to attendance, contact a member of our Attendance Team

Mrs V Astley - Attendance Intervention Manager -

Miss L Lomax - Attendance Officer -


For enquiries relating to safeguarding, contact a member of our Safeguarding Team

Ms K Porter - Designated Safeguarding Officer -

Mr A Davies - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer -


Please use the enquiry form below to submit an enquiry to a member of the St Peter's Academy Team

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