Our Christian Values

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The values chosen spell the acronym St.Peter:

  • Service – serving God means serving others. Going the extra mile.
  • Thankfulness – For Christians, the greatest of all acts of worship is simply called ‘thanksgiving’ – eucharistia in Greek – thanksgiving for the death and resurrection of God’s Son and the way of forgiveness that is opened up.
  • Peace – Harmony, stability and security within a community.
  • Empathy (compassion) – Sharing in the lives of others.
  • Trust – in God and one another.
  • Endurance – self-control and steadfastness.
  • Reverence – the proper response to what is holy and sacred. Honouring God and each other.

The Academy focusses on one value every half-term with ‘Trust’ overarching all of these. Each Christian value also has its own prayer as chosen by the Student Council.

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