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KS3 Graduation and Lower School Leadership

Posted on: 9th Apr 2019

“The importance of a good start to a pupil’s secondary school education cannot be overemphasised. Leaders of successful schools set the right culture for learning that is embraced by their pupils from the outset. They ensure that pupils are well aware of their school’s high expectations for behaviour and conduct, and they have a clear understanding of pupils’ achievements in primary school and build on them from day one. These leaders ensure that their schools embed the learning habits that will stand their pupils in good stead for their future academic studies, for example in stressing the importance of reading often and widely”.


For many years, Key Stage 3 is not seen as a high priority for many students and momentum from Primary Schools can be lost by the time they get to take their options in Year 9.

At St Peter's Academy, we have recognised that this needs to change so will be implementing a KS3 Graduation Process along with embedding a Lower School Leadership team to ensure that every student in KS3 has a purpose and willingness to succeed in preparation for KS4.

Prior to May Half Term, every current Year 7 student will be issued with a set of 9 objectives that link with A2L, Achievement Points, Attendance, Core Values and Academic Attainment etc. and will work towards meeting those objectives across the rest of Year 7 and through Year 8. The levels of graduation mirror University Grades (1st, 2.1, 2.2) and the level of graduation will depend on how many objectives they meet.

Students who graduate will then be invited to a graduation ceremony that will include parents and carers followed by a 'Prom' style Graduation Party at an offsite venue.

With this, we will be appointing a Lower school Leadership Team that will consist of a Head Boy, Head Girl and 4 Deputies. These students will be the potential leaders of the future and will be the face of KS3.

Every student was given the opportunity to take an application form today with the deadline for submissions being on Tuesday 30th April 3 pm. Shortlisting for the 6 positions will take place by the 10th May and any student who has been shortlisted will then be part of a democratic voting process by the whole of Year 7 and staff of the Academy.

Initial feedback from students has been very positive with many students already getting their application forms filled in and signed by staff!

More information to parents/carers will follow via a formal letter outlining the full plans of the process but if you require any information, please do not hesitate to contact me on the details below.

Mr C Proffitt
Head of Year 7 & 8
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