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Posted on: 28th Jun 2021


Mental Health Support available for both Students and Parents during the Summer Holidays 


As the school holidays are approaching, we want to ensure that parents and young people know the mental health support that is available if they need it. 


Stay Well is a mental health service which supports children aged 8-18.  


They offer various psychoeducational workshops to help children to understand any distress they are feeling, learn tools on how to manage it, and have the opportunity to talk to others. They also offer many Peer Support Groups for all ages where young people can come to discuss how their week has been and how they have been feeling and get support from each other and from a Wellness Coach. Additionally, they offer social events for young people to interact with other young people and to have some fun, they offer Art Nights and Games Nights, and hope to do further socials over summer. 


There is also access to 1:1 counselling with North Staffs Mind and the Dove Service. 


If you are a young person who is struggling with mental health, or are a parent of a young people who is struggling, here are our contact details: 

Call: 01782 418518 



Please see their website for further information: 

And follow our social media: Instagram is @staywellchanges and Facebook is 


Young People can also access Speak Up Space, an instant messenger service which is confidential and anonymous. Open 7 evenings per week without a referral or waiting list.  



All good to know before we break up for the summer if you are speaking to anxious students or parents. Hope you find it useful. 

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