Lateral Flow Testing

Posted on: 9th Jun 2021


When students returned from lockdown in March this year there was a big uptake on testing at home after the initial testing in school before returning. The school have continued to encourage students to test twice weekly but we have seen a huge deterioration in the amount of tests taking place from the test dates that students are recording weekly in form time.


Testing should still take place twice weekly to stop the spread of Covid 19, to protect you and your family from spreading this virus by passing it on to other more vulnerable friends and family members. Testing gives you piece of mind to know that you have not contracted the virus but also to know that you have not passed it on to others if you have no symptoms.


Can I please encourage all students to test twice weekly and record their test dates with form tutors weekly on Friday in form time.


Mrs James
Director of Finance & Resources at SPA and Trust HR lead

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