ACT - Art, Technology, Business and Computing

Design Technology

Design Technology at St Peter's is taught to all pupils in year 7 and 8, where they are given the opportunity to explore a range of ‘design and make’ activities, which encourage them to develop skills and knowledge within the subject.

In Year 9 pupils can opt to study Design and Technology or V.cert Food and Cookery.

The Design and Technology Curriculum is designed to promote opportunities to create, innovate, design, make and evaluate a variety of well-crafted products that are fit for purpose.

Pupils will be taught the technical skills to execute practical tasks, thereby developing confidence to increase their skills, knowledge and competence in using materials, machinery, techniques and processes.

Pupils should develop valuable practical skills and use these safely with a range of resistant and non-resistant materials, drawing media tools and equipment, in both 2D and 3D design.

They will be shown how to communicate their ideas and designs skilfully and accurately in 2D and 3D, using a variety of techniques, including digital technology and CAD Design. Students in KS4 Are encouraged to participate in the KMF Young Engineer of the year competition to experience real world problems and challenges. Further developing their subject knowledge with a focus on real world engineering and new smart technologies.

During their education they will learn about good design, everyday products and understand and use the correct technical terminology within a Design and Technology framework.

They will be allowed to investigate and analyse the rich history of design and technological innovation and the work of others, including iconic designs, to inform their own work. They will be shown developments in design and technology and the responsibilities of designers, including designing for the environment and learning to appreciate the importance of sustainable design.

Food Technology

Food Technology at St Peter's is taught to all students in year 7 and 8, where they are given the opportunity to explore a range of practical food skills, which encourages them to develop skills and knowledge within the subject.

Students will be taught the technical skills to execute practical tasks, thereby developing confidence to increase their skills, knowledge and competence in different ingredients and cooking techniques.

In year 7 we look at healthy eating and encourage students to make health choices about the dishes they choose to prepare. Students will cook a range of healthy dishes which allows them to gain valued life skills. Along with the practical work students are taught how to be safe in a kitchen and the basics of food hygiene.

In Year 8 students move on to look at foods from around the world learning about the different cultures and ingredients used. Students will have a choice of dishes to prepare and cook throughout the duration of their time in food. Culminating in them being able to cook a three course meal.


Computer Science 

Most careers you observe there is one commonality; there is most likely a COMPUTER involved. Computer Science not only teaches students aspects of a computer, but it also teaches our students a new method of thinking. Computational thinking is getting the kids to think more logically and in steps. This will not only help students think in Maths and Computing but as well in any subject or task that the students come across.

St. Peter’s CofE Academy offers computing in Key Stage 3.  Within computing, we look at a few different units.

In Year 7, we start off with Internet Safety; with the rise of cyber-bullying and internet issues we feel that it is crucial that our students are protected. We then look at Scratch on the computer. This is an introduction to block coding where the students focus more on the computational (logical) thinking. Scratch is an excellent interactive software where the students receive instant feedback on their production. From Scratch we move onto LEGO, where we take our skills that we learned from Scratch and put this to practice with our class set of Mindstorm Robotics. This is another piece of block coding, where they learn to manipulate a robot using a computer. They also complete units in general MS Office software, Graphics manipulation, Multimedia to support making movies and Game design using Kodu, a new visual programming language made specifically for creating games.

In Year 8, students learn; the basics of a computer hardware and network, binary and HTML, how to create a website and necessary skills required for this. They will be using Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Fireworks. They also complete units using, Adobe Photoshop, teaching Photoshop skills and how photos can be edited profoundly changing the image, teaching students to analyse the images they see in the media and not always to accept them at face value. There are other units including more advanced Python, App Inventor 2 and further esafety lessons. Not only will this build necessary skills that they can use in further options but again builds the computational thinking skills required.

St. Peter’s C of E Academy offers Computer Science as an option in Key Stage 4, where we dissect various computers and compare the various hardware in each of them. We also look at software, where we learn how to build programs using App Inventor and Python. Here we are learning how to create a proper report for the Controlled Assessment that the students complete. These skills on report writing will help students in any future career in computing.

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