Our Vision

The MFL Faculty is a team of 4 specialist language teachers who all share the same passion: encouraging young people to communicate in a foreign language and become truly international citizens equipped with the skills needed to compete in a global job market. Employers value key skills developed by language learners which include: communication skills, team-working skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills and organisational skills.

Among our students at St Peter’s there are over 40 languages spoken at home and the MFL team continually seeks to celebrate this cultural and linguistic diversity. Learning a foreign language is not only about communicating in a different language, but about understanding cultures and traditions different to our own.

Our Curriculum

At St Peter’s our students currently study Spanish at Key Stage 3, up to 4 hours per fortnight depending on academic banding

Approximately 25% study a foreign language to GCSE level, with 6 hours of lessons per fortnight.

In addition to languages offered on the curriculum we support and encourage students to take a GCSE in their home language where possible. These range from Urdu and Panjabi to Chinese and Italian, with some exceptional results!

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