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Support your child by getting them into the Academy every day by 8.30a.m.

There is a strong link between good attendance and good attainment. If your child is absent it will impact on their learning. Parents/carers are legally responsible for ensuring their child attends school on time every day.

Expectations at St Peter’s CofE Academy

We expect that every student will make a significant effort to meet the Academy target of 96% attendance.

What parents/carers can expect from us

Day to day contact from the Attendance Team.

Phone calls home/letters to make parents aware of deterioration of attendance.

Under 90%- phone calls/letters/meetings in school/home visits.

If targets are not met– Referral to Education Welfare Service.

What to do if your child is too ill to attend

Accurate attendance information, provided as soon as possible is a key part of keeping our students safe. It is a parent/carer’s responsibility to notify the Academy by 8.30 a.m.  if their child is to be absent or late. A reason must be provided.  You can contact the Academy on: 01782 882500 option 1 for absence

Please provide the student’s full name, year and full details of why they are absent. Please note that we will not authorise any absence where a child’s absence is less than 94%.

Our Attendance Team Miss Lomax (who is also a member of the safeguarding team) and Mrs Keeling manage attendance and in doing so provide support around attendance concerns.  If there is something affecting your child’s attendance please contact the Attendance Team as soon as possible so they can assist in resolving any difficulties.

The Importance of Routines

The most effective way to ensure that your child attends the Academy on time every day is to establish a good evening and morning routine.

If mornings are hectic in your household, prepare as much as possible the night before and ensure that your child knows the timings required each morning in order to be on site by 8.30 a.m.


Punctuality is a matter of respect and organisation and is a daily focus at St Peter’s CofE Academy. Students must be on site by 8.30 a.m. in order to be at registration promptly.

Same day, school detentions are issued to students who arrive late.

Your Legal Responsibility

If your child does not attend the Academy regularly (this is determined with reference to the Academy target of 96%) the Local Authority can take action against you. This can be through a Fixed Penalty Notice (fine) or a summons to appear at Magistrates Court.

What is a Fixed Penalty Notice?

If a pupil has significant unauthorised absence from the Academy and parents/carers fails to co-operate with staff and/or other professionals to improve the situation, a Fixed Penalty Notice can be issued.  A Fixed Penalty Notice is a fine of £120 per parent/carer reduced to £60 if paid within 21 days.  If the £120 is not paid within 28 days a summons can be issued to appear at Magistrates’ Court. In more serious cases, or where a Fixed Penalty Notice has previously already been issued, the Local Authority can decide to issue a summons to Magistrates’ Court instead of a Penalty Notice fine.

Unauthorised Leave in Term Time (Holidays)

Click here to download the student leave of absence form

Click here to see the Changes to Penalty Notices for Absence

Students are not entitled to holidays in term time.

Parents / carers should be aware that the Local Authority will issue a Fixed Penalty Notice (fine) where unauthorised holidays are taken during term time.

Our Attendance Team

Miss L Lomax

Attendance Intervention Manager

01782 882563


Mrs F Keeling

Attendance Officer

01782 882528

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