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Year 7

Head of Year information

3rd February 2021

Hoy 7 news 3rd feb

Year 8

Year 9

Head of Year information


28th March 2021




Year 10

Be Ready for Return 


Make sure you feel ready to return to school, there is nothing worse than feeling anxious about what you should have done. All staff will be very understanding however will also expect some commitment from you. So, tips for being ready. 


5 Tips for Returning to School 


  1. Make sure you go over your timetable again so you know what’s coming up. 
  1. Make sure you get your equipment you need. (Don’t create barriers) 
  1. Try to go over previously set assignments so you feel confident and up to date with your subjects. 
  1. Start getting up as if you were going to school so its not such a shock. 
  1. Look forward to seeing friend and teachers. 


I can’t wait to see you all again……. 

Year 11

Head of Year information








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