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Head of Year Information

Head of Year Information

Year 7

Mr simpson imageI would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new Head of Year 7, for next year’s cohort. As a member of the St Peter’s Family, I am very excited to be given the opportunity to work with such a key year group, about whom I know and have heard great things.


To give you some brief information about myself, I have worked in schools for 28 years and have undertaken roles including Head of Design and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Having worked on both the academic and pastoral sides of education, I am looking forward to combining these as Head of Year 7.

The year ahead will be probably the most important of your child’s academic career so far, and I see my role as supporting them at this crucial time to achieve their very best, in close collaboration with their ROCK tutors, teaching staff and with you as parents/carers.


If I can be of any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me. I assure you of my full commitment to ensure the best outcomes of your child.


Mr J Simpson

Your Student Development Officer is Mrs D Lawton 

Year 8

Craig imageAs a HOY my role is to improve progress and outcomes for students within the Academy. I act as the champion for students, ensuring that appropriate support is always in place to maximize the progress for all. I also endeavour to commit time to build strong relationships with parents and carers through continued communication.


As your child’s Head of Year, I am here to support them on any of the following:

  • Progress
  • Homework
  • Careers
  • Options
  • Referral to Academy support e.g. Special Educational Needs.
  • Any general advice

All concerns or enquiries are managed on a case by case basis so that there can be a personalised approach for each student. Each child’s individual progress is tracked and from each data point subject teachers will put in place in class support for students who are working below expected progress.

Parents and carers can contact me by ringing the Academy 

Students can find me in the HOY, PE area or D24 should they wish to discuss any issues concerning their progress.

Your Student Development Officer is Mrs D Hammersley 


Year 9

Liz imageHello, my name is Miss Dibble and I am the Head of Year 9.  I have the privilege of continuing to lead your child through their time at St Peter's and guiding them to be the best student they can be.  My main focus is to ensure they are progressing holistically as both an academic learner and as a member of the SPA family.  

Alongside Mrs Clarke, who will be the Student Development Officer this academic year, we aim to support your child's journey in Year 9 in making positive choices on their educational path. 

Important notices and information will be displayed in this section that relates specifically to the Year 9 students.  For all generic messages, please see the main news/information section of this website. 

Students can find me in my classroom (AO8), the PE office (ground floor by Theology) or in the Yellow area should they need to discuss anything or require help. 


Year 10

Bt imageHi, my name is Mr Thompson and I am the Head of Year 10. My main focus is to improve the progress and outcomes for students in Year 10 and help them to make a positive contribution to both the SPA family and wider community.

Alongside Mrs Stokes, our current Student Development Officer, we strive to ensure students develop our Christian Core Values and uphold the high expectations of our Academy. 

Important notices and information will be displayed in this section that relates specifically to Year 10 students and any upcoming events. 


Year 11

Aa image

Hello, my name is Mrs Auckland, and I am Head of Year 11. My role as Head of Year is to improve progress and outcomes for students. I endeavor to act as a champion for each student, ensuring that appropriate support is in place to maximize their progress. Alongside  Mrs Howle and Mrs Wood, I aim to support students strive to be successful and thriving members of the community. 


As we are now in your child’s final year at SPA the Head of Year 11 team will support with the following: 

  • Progress or outcomes 
  • Revision sessions  
  • Careers 
  • Pastoral support  
  • Referral to additional support e.g., Special Educational Needs. 


All concerns or enquiries are managed on a case-by-case basis so that there can be a personalized approach for each student. This is so we can take students' individual needs into consideration and find the best way to help them to succeed.  


Being Head of Year 11 also gives me the privilege to organise Year 11 celebrations such as the prom, leavers hoodies, and leavers assemblies. Information regarding these celebrations will be communicated with you throughout this academic year.  


Students can find me in room A16, the Gold Area or in the Head of Year Office (next to science on the middle floor) should they need to discuss anything with me or ask for help. 


Finally, it has been a pleasure to be your child’s Head of Year since they started in September 2019.  

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