Christian Distinctiveness

Christian Distinctiveness

At St Peter's CofE Academy we ensure our Vision and Values are embedded in all elements of our Academy. The Christian Core Values are displayed in every room and office as a reference point, as to what we stand for and live by.

Each Value has an underpinning bible verse to help staff and students relate to the teachings of Jesus.


CCVOur reward and behaviour systems are based around our Christian Core Values, rewarding for demonstrating these Values and issuing corrections for those times students don't demonstrate them. We also then use reflection documents to allow students to think about what Core Value they did not demonstrate and how they can correct this next time and aspire to improve. 



“And I tell you that you are Peter. On this rock I will build My church. Matthew 16:18


ROCK is our first point of contact for the day. It allows us to build relationships, have conversations with students and complete any necessary tasks such as registration and notices. The majority of the session forms part of our daily worship. Students are provided with discussion material led by the ROCK tutor, providing them with a window to look at the local, national and global issues. We then discuss and reflect, giving them that time to use a mirror on the world before making informed judgements and expressing their opinion as we provide a door to make more informed statements and choices.


The materials are based around Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC), Fundamental British Values (FBV) or Christian Core Values (CCV).


We then have an activity each day looking at Literacy or Numeracy, Reading for pleasure, Wellbeing Wednesday or TSP prayers.




At St Peter's CofE Academy we believe prayer is an important part of the Christian life of the Academy. The Academy has written prayers with staff and students to reflect the Christian Core Values. These are used each morning in our ROCK sessions to conclude the reflective part of based around the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural, Fundamental British Values or Christian Core Value material.


Over the last 12 months we have introduced another aspect to our prayer life through TSP prayers. These are short prayers which allow students to be spontaneous in their worship and praise using TSP's - Thankyou, Sorry & Please. This has allowed our students to reflect and give thanks, reflect on how their day or week has gone and ask for help from God.






Walking with St Peter


As part of our Christian Distinctiveness at St Peter’s CofE Academy, we provide students the opportunity to Walk with St Peter. These are milestones we ask all students to aspire to achieve during their time at St Peter’s CofE Academy enabling them to demonstrate the Christian Core Values and broaden their perspective in the Academy.


Below are the milestones for Year 7 and form part of the Lower School graduation at the end of Year 8. We ask all students to achieve 24/30 of the milestones and we will provide opportunities throughout the year to demonstrate their progress.



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